December 01, 2002

Jenner & Block Chairman Jerold S. Solovy provided insightful commentary in a three-part special report entitled “Our Court of Last Resort,” an “unprecedented” review of the Illinois Supreme Court that aired recently on Chicago’s American Broadcasting Company affiliate WLS-TV.

During the series, Mr. Solovy was described as having argued a number of “high profile” cases before the Supreme Court. “This is one of the most important and fun things a lawyer can do, to argue before the highest court of this state, before seven justices in a beautiful courtroom,” he told WLS' Joel Daley during one segment. “It’s exciting.” In commenting on how the High Court makes decisions on a given case, Mr. Solovy noted the importance of writing a good brief for the Justices to review and consider while hearing oral arguments. “Writing a good brief is a work of art,” he explained. As for why the Illinois Supreme Court is called “the court of last resort,” Mr. Solovy concluded:  “As far as our state practice goes, this is the highest of the high. And, they’re the last word. When you’re before them, you win or lose and it’s over.”

The series aired between Nov. 26 and Dec. 1.