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Sullivan Joins Prominent Legal Scholars to Assess High Court Docket

Jenner & Block Partner Barry Sullivan served as moderator for an October 8 panel of constitutional law scholars from Chicago-area law schools which examined the major cases currently before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The panel members looked at discrete areas that will be impacted by High Court decisions this term, while Mr. Sullivan noted some larger trends or features of the current docket.  Discussing the overall shape of the Court’s docket, Mr. Sullivan noted the presence of several bankruptcy cases, the Court's continued interest in Eleventh Amendment disputes, and what he deemed to be an “unusual” number of  basic constitutional criminal procedure cases before the High Court.

In addition, Mr. Sullivan commented on the number of state constitutional criminal procedural cases in which the Federal government has chosen to participate as amicus curiae.  “The degree of the Federal government’s participation in these cases certainly seems more than it has been in the past.”

Joining Mr. Sullivan’s panel were: Susan Bandes, DePaul University College of Law; Carolyn Frantz, The University of Chicago Law School; Alan Raphael, Loyola University School of Law; Mark D. Rosen, Chicago-Kent College of Law; and Michael Seng, the John Marshall Law School.  Professors Raphael and Seng are former Jenner & Block associates.

Jenner & Block Associate Michael G. Dickler helped organize the event, which was sponsored by the American Constitution Society.

Jenner & Block is active in the American Constitution Society, with Partners Timothy W. Burns, Robert L. Graham, John H. Mathias, Jr., and Mr. Sullivan serving on the Board of Advisors.  Of Counsel Benjamin K. Miller, former Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court, also recently joined the Board of Advisors.