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Miller Honored for Exemplary Devotion to Administration of Justice

Jenner & Block’s Benjamin K. Miller, a one-time Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court, was honored November 19 by the Appellate Lawyers Association of Illinois (ALAI) for 25 years of “devoted and exemplary service to the administration of justice.”

In his address bestowing the award to Justice Miller, James A. Knecht, a member of the Illinois the Appellate Court and President of the ALAI, invoked a remark by President Kennedy, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”  “Justice Miller’s presence in the Illinois legal community by the same token has lifted us all to a higher standard,” Justice Knecht continued. “For that, we are grateful.”

Before receiving the award, Justice Miller delivered remarks entitled, “Two Years Before the Mast” in which recounted his sailing travels in the Eastern Caribbean and in the North Atlantic oceans after he retired from the Illinois Supreme Court in 2001.  He also colorfully described his sojourns through Europe and Southern Africa during the same period of his life.