August 09, 2006

Jenner & Block recently obtained asylum for a human rights attorney from Mongolia who had been persecuted by the police for handling cases that challenged unconstitutional police practices.  

For example, the client challenged the Mongolian government’s so-called “Sober Up” procedure, wherein the police were given broad discretion to arrest and jail civilians suspected of consuming alcohol.  According to the client, police violated citizens’ human rights by using excessive physical force against suspects and used the procedure to intimidate and obtain bribes.  As a result of the client’s legal challenge, he and his family members received several telephone calls threatening his life.  Then, in 2003, two policemen beat the client until he lost consciousness.  

Partner Charlotte L. Wager and Associate John K. Min presented persuasive evidence to an immigration official showing that the client’s activities as a human rights attorney reflected his political opinion and subjected him to a reasonable fear of continued persecution if he were to return to Mongolia. 

As a result, the Firm’s client was successful at the interview level, and was granted asylum based on his application.