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Jenner & Block Launches Climate and Clean Technology Law Practice

Jenner & Block today announced the launch of its Climate and Clean Technology Law Practice to counsel its corporate clients on the complex legal issues and opportunities arising from concerns about climate change and other energy-related matters.

Co-chaired by Partners Robert L. Graham and Gabrielle Sigel, prominent environmental law attorneys, the new practice will take a unique multi-practice approach to this rapidly-evolving area of the law.  "We know that today's business environment is complicated and in a state of flux," Mr. Graham noted. "We have brought together an impressive mix of legal talent within our Firm, including those concentrating their practices in Public Policy, Intellectual Property, Corporate Transactions, Environmental Law, and the Equity and Venture Capital Markets to help our clients address emerging legal issues related to climate change, green technology and sustainability."

Jenner & Block already represents leaders in the energy and green technology industries.  

“As a result,” said Ms. Sigel, “the Climate and Clean Technology Law practice is strategically positioned to represent both the interests of the world's largest companies as well as the needs of today's early stage entrepreneurs.”

Managing Partner Gregory S. Gallopoulos continued, "Our Climate and Clean Technology Law Practice is focusing on a new frontier for our clients," he concluded. "This is in keeping with Jenner & Block's long-held commitment to providing our clients with services that anticipate their toughest issues and to help them find the answers and opportunities to continue to prosper in the face of any business challenge."