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Jenner & Block Partners Climb Stairs for Cancer Research

Jenner & Block Partners Barry Levenstam, James A. McKenna, Barbara S. Steiner and James L. Thompson participated in the Go Vertical Chicago stair climbing event held on November 11.  The event, held at Chicago’s Sears Tower, included over 2,000 participants who climbed the building’s 2,109 steps to support The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation.

The Foundation identifies and supports “innovative investigators in cancer research — scientists that approach questions from totally new directions, challenge existing dogma, and think "outside the box” toward cancer research.”  According to the Foundation’s website it has raised over $200 million for cancer research while supporting more than 3,000 exceptional scientists around the nation.

“This was a great event for a great cause,” said Jenner & Block Partner Barry Levenstam, who led the Firm’s participants in the event.  “The Foundation battles against cancer in an innovative way, by supporting amazing scientists to combat cancer in all its forms.”