November 08, 2022

Partners Andrew H. Bart, David R. Singer, and Alison I. Stein, co-chairs of the firm’s Content, Media, and Entertainment practice were featured in the Pennsylvania Gazette, the University of Pennsylvania’s alumni magazine, in a profile that highlights the partners’ leadership roles and success in the content, entertainment, and media space, and the connection the partners have because of their shared alma mater.

“We feel a total bond, and I do think having all gone to Penn is a part of it,” said Ms. Stein. “The three of us get along extraordinarily well. There is a collaboration and an almost seamlessness in working together,” said Mr. Bart. “I really see us as taking the reins and taking Jenner into the next decade,” said Singer.

The article titled, “The Laws of Entertainment,” discusses Mr. Bart’s work in the music space, including his representation of record labels, artists, and the shift that occurred when both parties came together to fight piracy. “Ever since the internet disrupted the traditional market models of music and TV and film by making illegal files available to everyone on the internet for free, there have been all sorts of attempts to cope with that,” said Mr. Bart.

Next, the article discusses Mr. Singer’s work as a Hollywood entertainment lawyer and his decision to remain at Penn for law school after completing his undergraduate degree and taking classes about copyright and intellectual property. The piece mentions Mr. Singer’s work representing film and television studios saying, “when the writer Leslie Weller claimed Gone Girl was based on her screenplay, he got the lawsuit dismissed on behalf of 20th Century Studios and the film’s creators.”

Finally, the article discusses how Ms. Stein has “made a name for herself in the video game and social media space,” her passion for women’s issues which led her to become the founder of a national organization called Younger Women’s Task Force, and her client successes which has included leading two copyright infringement cases on behalf of Nintendo.