April 21, 2021

​Jenner & Block was honored to assist Fair Fight Action in preparing a report to Congress on voting discrimination in Georgia and the need to modernize the Voting Rights Act.

The report, which was delivered to Congress today, provides current data showing that Georgia has continued to act in violation of the Constitution and the VRA, and provides evidence to show that voters in Georgia need Congress to act swiftly to pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act (VRAA).

As Fair Fight Action concludes, the United States portrays itself as a world leader in civil and human rights, and yet the evidence in the report demonstrates that governments within the United States  continue systematically to disenfranchise their own citizens based on race.

"It was an honor to work with Fair Fight Action to produce this report and highlight the voting discrimination that Congress needs to address," said Partner Laura Ellen Baker Hulce, one of the lead partners who worked on the report, along with co-counsel at Lawrence & Bundy.

The Jenner & Block team also included Partners Jeremy Creelan and Ishan Bhabha and Associates Thomas BullockAllison Douglis, Andrew Elliott, Victoria Hall-Palerm, Keturah James, Urja Mittal, Bina Peltz, Kelsey Stimple, Erica Turret, M.J. Wayne, and Kathryn Wynbrandt.