March 13, 2021

Jenner & Block Partner Jessica Ring Amunson is featured in a podcast that highlights her March 2 argument before the US Supreme Court in Brnovich v. DNC. In that case, the Court was asked whether two Arizona voting restrictions violate Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act and, in doing so, disenfranchise minority voters.  In the podcast, Ms. Amunson provides a detailed look at the restrictions, the arguments, and the Ninth Circuit’s opinion that led to the case going before the Supreme Court. Asked whether she could ever have imagined that we would live in a world in which politicians openly admit that “everybody shouldn’t be voting” and that “we have to look at the quality of votes,” rather than the quantity of them, Ms. Amunson says: “That is certainly not aworld where I want to live in and is a world that I will fight to prevent from happening. That’s the world of literacy tests, right? That’s not the world we want in the United States of America.”