September 22, 2020

The current Journal is full of references to firm lawyers. On pp. 61-66, you can read about the World War II experience of the late Judge Phil Tone, a firm alumnus. On pp. 29-36, Partner Ian Heath Gershengorn contributes an interesting and timely article about his telephonic argument in the US Supreme Court in May. Another article–  titled “Just So Damned Good, No Question about It”-- highlights the first three women Fellows, the third of whom is retired partner Joan Hall(pp. 19-24). Finally, an article on pp. 69-75 reviews a number of wrongful conviction cases handled by Fellows, one of them by Of Counsel Robert L. Byman. Mr. Byman also happens to be the editor of the Journal. The firm now counts 12 Fellows among its ranks: David J. Bradford, Robert L. Byman, Jeffrey D. Colman, David A. Handzo, William D. Heinz, Terri L. Mascherin, Michael McNamara, Harry J. Roper, Reid J. Schar, Charles B. Sklarsky, Thomas P. Sullivan, and Anton R. Valukas.