May 08, 2020
A Jenner & Block team led by Partners Emily M. Loeb, Alison I. Stein, Christine Braamskamp and Gabriel K. Gillett assisted Facebook during its global consultation process that led to this week’s announcement of the first 20 members of its content Oversight Board. The Oversight Board is an independent body that will focus on Facebook’s most challenging content issues. To ensure that the Oversight Board is able to make independent judgments, and maintain the highest levels of accountability and governance, Jenner & Block assisted Facebook in vetting candidates to identify potential conflicts of interest. 
The firm is honored to have played a role in assembling this unique and historic group, and to partner with Facebook on this endeavor.  The announcement was discussed in a New York Times op-ed titled “Who Ultimately Decides What Content Is Removed From Facebook? Now We Do,” authored by the co-chairs of the new Oversight Board.   
The cross-office, cross-practice team also included Partners Thomas J. Perrelli and Robert J. Dalling