April 15, 2020

The Daily Journal profiled the firm’s State Enforcement and Regulation Practice in a story that focused on how the firm is helping clients comply with state and local mandates related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the article, practice co-chairs Thomas J. Perrelli and Brian Hauck discussed the many ways in which they are advising clients on pandemic-related issues. The practice works closely with clients on compliance with state and local orders affecting businesses, including through working with governments to shape the orders and, when necessary, challenging them. As the article notes, our lawyers are also advising clients on price gouging actions over medical and safety supplies. The article also highlights how the practice counsels clients on compliance programs related to taking in and spending stimulus funds.

Mr. Perrelli, the former Associate Attorney General of the United States, noted in the article that Jenner & Block Partner Neil M. Barofksy served as the special inspector general overseeing the $700 billion Trouble Asset Relief Program (TARP) arising from the 2008 financial crisis.

“We know from past government programs that there will be investigative activity that will follow,” said Mr. Perrelli. He added that the practice aims “to helps clients on the compliance end now and obviously be prepared for whatever might come.”

The article also notes that despite the quick action that state and local governments are taking to address the pandemic, businesses must be thoughtful in how they respond to, comply with or challenge these measures, as they might have lasting impacts long after cases of the virus have subsided.

“On a long-term basis, they just don’t know whether someone’s going to show up on their doorstep in six months and say, ‘You could have done better on how you implemented the lockdown order with respect to your business, so we’re going to take whatever action,’” said Mr. Perrelli.

Jenner & Block’s State Enforcement and Regulation Practice is built on decades of first-hand experience at the intersection of state attorneys general, government regulation, politics and law enforcement.

Our lawyers represent industry giants facing existential threats, change agents navigating antiquated regulatory schemes, and smaller companies and start-ups seeking to engage with the government for the first time.

The practice relies on the extensive credibility we have built with state attorneys general and other regulators.  They respect us, from our long partnerships and from our approach to our adversarial relationships.

Our team includes former senior-level government officials who have worked in, partnered with and helped clients navigate state governments on issues including civil litigation, consumer protection, data breaches, energy, the environment, ethics reform, financial services, government contracts, housing, tax and transportation, among others.