Jenner & Block

Empirical SCOTUS Notes Jenner & Block as the Top Performing US Supreme Court Advocacy Firm

High Court scholars often debate the role of lawyers in Supreme Court decision making—do Justices side with policy or does the advocacy make the difference.  Empirical SCOTUS compiled data on which lawyers and firms have had the most success in the Supreme Court over the last few terms.  To help map the correlation between lawyers, policy and the Justices’ votes, the publication examined the votes and matched them with particular lawyers and firms to see which firms and which lawyers had attracted the highest percentage of the Justices’ votes.  Based on these cumulative voting percentages, Jenner & Block is found to be the top performing firm in the Nation, and Partners Ian Heath Gershengorn and Adam Unikowsky are recognized as the lawyers with the highest positive vote share, Ian from his time in the Solicitor General’s office and Adam while at Jenner & Block.  Adam received a remarkable 86.27% of the available votes.  

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