Jenner & Block

Testimony Helps Persuade the Public Service Commission in Energy Sharing Project

Jenner & Block Partner Suedeen G. Kelly testified as an expert witness before the Public Service Commission of the State of Missouri about the benefits of allowing The Grain Belt Project to construct, maintain and control its own high voltage direct current transmission line and associated facilities in Missouri.  The proposed transmission line will traverse Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, covering approximately 780 miles.  Ms. Kelly’s testimony focused on the economic feasibility of the project and why such a project is advantageous to consumers.  The purpose of the project is to ease the costs of energy transmissions to customers by utilizing different forms of energy from nearby regions that have an excess of generation resources.  In its decision, the commission concluded that there is a need for the service, Grain Belt is qualified to propose the service and has the financial ability to provide the service, the project is economically feasible and the service promotes the public interest.  The commission agreed with Ms. Kelly’s testimony and has granted the Grain Belt application for utility easements needed to complete the development.