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Partner Ishan Bhabha Discusses Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Legacy on C-SPAN

Jenner & Block Partner Ishan K. Bhabha, who served as a clerk to retired US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy from 2011 to 2012, shared his insights during a roundtable program on C-SPAN.  Titled “Legacy of Justice Anthony Kennedy,” the hour-long program featured Mr. Bhabha’s comments about the justice’s judicial philosophy, reputation as a “swing vote” and high-profile cases in his career.  Mr. Bhabha recalled how the justice would come into his office, flop down in a chair and discuss a case.  “I’ll be honest: I would almost pinch myself to think, ‘My gosh, I’m talking to Justice Kennedy about this case.’”  Rather than agreeing with the perception that the justice was a “swing vote,” Mr. Bhabha noted that Justice Kennedy could not be “boiled down into sort of an ‘ism’ of judicial philosophy.”  Speaking of Justice Kennedy’s legacy, Mr. Bhabha observed that the justice “had fidelity to certain principles, and he has not been frightened to go where those principles took him, and he hasn’t allowed different case outcomes to sway him from principles that always governed him.”  Mr. Bhabha appeared on the show with Nicole A. Saharsky, a former assistant for the Office of the Solicitor General of the Department of Justice.