Jenner & Block

Partners Jessica Ring Amunson and Adam Unikowsky Mentioned in Article that Examines “Supreme Court Bar of elite attorneys"

In an article titled “Who’s on the Case: Successful Cert Petitions 2017,” Empirical SCOTUS recognizes Jenner & Block Partners Jessica Ring Amunson and Adam G. Unikowsky as two “of the most successful attorneys that currently practice before the Court,” citing their number of petition of certiorari filings and high rate of granted petitions.  The article also notes that “with seven grants out of a total of twelve petitions, Unikowsky’s 58% cert success rate since the 2013 term tops the list for these attorneys.”  The next highest success rate is 42 percent.  This is especially significant considering the “atmosphere of increasingly fierce competition for the justices’ time” brought about by the Court’s low grant rate—of nearly 8,000 petitions filed each year, approximately 50 cases are heard.