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Partner Samuel Feder Discusses the Need to Streamline Review of Transactions in the Communications Industry

Jenner & Block Partner Samuel L. Feder is speaking and writing on the topic of regulatory reform in the communications industry.

On October 18, 2017, he will be a panelist in a session sponsored by the Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy.  Titled “Will Ideology Block Opportunity? Regulatory Reform in the Communications Sector,” the panel will feature a “robust” discussion of regulatory reform options in the communications sector.  Click here for information on the panel.

In a paper that he wrote on the subject, Mr. Feder explains that companies in the communications industry must submit to various regulatory requirements before they can proceed with transactions.  “Whether engaging in significant transactions (such as acquisitions or mergers) or even small ones (such as intra-family corporate reorganizations or taking on secured debt), companies holding communications licenses frequently must obtain signoffs from both state and multiple federal regulators before their transactions can move forward,” he observes. 

Mr. Feder argues that the process should be reformed.  He proposes concrete reforms that would help the Federal Communications Commission and state public utilities commissions focus their regulatory review on matters “within their core expertise.”  Under his proposals, these agencies would then be limited in the way they “unnecessarily obstruct transactions in the public interest.”  The paper is published by SSRN, which disseminates research worldwide and is composed of a number of specialized research networks.