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Firm Mentioned in Law360 Articles about Seventh Circuit Case

A Law360 article examines a case that the firm is handling in the Seventh Circuit.  The case involves the estate of William A. Miller, a prisoner at an Indiana federal prison.  While it began as a pro se case, the firm later represented Mr. Miller and eventually his estate after he died.  Mr. Miller argued that he suffered from a brain tumor but was placed on upper bunks in his prison cell; he frequently fell and was injured.  His suit alleged that the guard and warden failed to accommodate his repeated requests for a lower bunk, violating his Eighth Amendment rights.  Mr. Miller died in June 2016, after the firm was appointed to represent him.  The article explores the case in light of the September retirement of Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner, who told Law360 that he left after three decades on the bench because of disagreements with colleagues over how the court handles pro se litigants, many of whom are prison inmates.  The article notes that Mr. Miller’s estate is represented by Partners Jessica Ring Amunson and Barry Levenstam and Associate Previn Warren.  Since the original article examining the Seventh Circuit case was published, Law360 has run several articles about Judge Posner’s representation of a pro se litigant following the judge’s retireent that mention the firm’s work on the Miller case. Those stories are available here and here.