September 18, 2017

On August 9, the District Court presiding over the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s restructuring case held omnibus hearings in San Juan and granted the formal application of the Official Committee of Retired Employees of the Commonwealth to employ Jenner & Block in connection with the restructuring proceedings. 

During the same hearings, one of the matters considered was a motion by the University of Puerto Rico Retirement System, seeking to reconstitute the Official Retiree Committee, alleging that the Committee is not adequately representative of holders of retirement benefits in its current composition.  Jenner & Block, on behalf of the Committee, submitted a brief in opposition to the motion, along with the United States Trustee.  After oral argument presented by Partner Robert D. Gordon, the Court denied the motion from the bench and subsequently filed a memorandum order to the same effect. 

In addition to Mr. Gordon, the team includes Partners Richard Levin, Catherine L. Steege,  Melissa M. Root, Carter H. Klein, Lindsay C. Harrison and Elizabeth A. Edmondson and Associates Carl N. Wedoff, John D. VanDeventer, Will K. Dreher and Olivia Hoffman, along with local firm Bennazar, García y Milián CSP.