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Lindsay Harrison to Debate on the Topic of Repealing and Replacing the US Constitution

On April 28, 2017, Partner Lindsay C. Harrison will be a guest on WNYC Studios’ podcast series “Persuade Me” hosted by Elie Mystal, managing editor of Above the Law. In the series, Mr. Mystal tries to convince the live audience of an unconventional position while debating another advocate with a more mainstream view. In this installment, Ms. Harrison and Mr. Mystal will debate on the topic of repealing and replacing the US Constitution. Ms. Harrison will argue in support of the existing Constitution, while Mr. Mystal will take an opposing stance. The debate will be judged by Kai Wright, editor and host of WNYC’s Narrative Unit and a columnist for The Nation magazine. The program will take place at The Green Space in New York and will be broadcast live as part of WNYC Studios’ Live Podcast Tapings series.

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