October 12, 2016
Jenner & Block Partner David R. Singer was recently featured in a lengthy Inside Counsel article that discusses what video game creators should understand about the law that protects their investment against copycat game developers. Having their games cloned, or being accused of cloning games, is a growing threat for game developers. Understanding what protections intellectual property (IP) law provides early in the game-developing process can help developers avoid costly lawsuits. In the article, Mr. Singer alerts game developers to the limitations of IP law, offering tips on how to work around the limitations and advising video game creators on what they need to be able to show in order to prove trade dress infringement should they face the threat of a copycat. 
Mr. Singer is a partner in the firm’s nationally recognized Content, Media and Entertainment Practice.  His primary focus is entertainment and media litigation. He has represented major motion picture studios, broadcast and cable television networks, live entertainment promoters, newspapers, book publishers, marketing agencies and technology companies. He counsels and represents clients in many areas, including intellectual property and business disputes, right of publicity, antitrust, trade secrets and trademarks.  He successfully defended claims in seminal litigation involving user-generated content and the Communications Decency Act, as well as the first known antitrust case brought against a large social media network.
To read the full Inside Counsel article, please click here