September 09, 2014

The Family Defense Center will honor Jenner & Block Partner Louis E. Fogel at its Annual Awards Ceremony on Sunday, September 21, 2014, from 4-7:30 p.m. at The Mid-America Club, Aon Center, 200 E. Randolph Street, 80th Floor. 

Each year, the Family Defense Center honors individuals who, through their advocacy, have raised the bar for fairness, legal excellence or other service in defense of families in the child welfare system.  Louis will receive the Center’s Community and Professional Service Award.  When the Family Defense Center began its pro bono program in 2008, Louis was one of the first attorneys who offered to help establish a pro bono network of attorneys within Chicago law firms.  Louis has since joined the Center’s Board of Directors, including serving as treasurer from 2010-2012; has taken on numerous pro bono matters; and continues to contribute significantly to the Center’s work.  About his dedication, the Center wrote: “It began to seem like anytime the Center needed a law firm connection, especially shortly after the inception of the pro bono program, Louis would open doors.  That role wasn’t limited to the firms where Louis worked.  As a true advocate for the Center and its clients, Louis spread the word about the excellent work of the Center to colleagues, friends and neighbors.  Louis took his role both seriously and in good humor and, despite a killer litigation schedule, he never stopped actively advocating for the Center.”

The Center is the only charitable organization in the country that focuses its legal expertise on providing a wide range of strategies for families who must navigate child protection investigations that often lead to unjustified and traumatic family separations.  The Center provides direct representation to families in Cook County and the collar counties through its award-winning staffed legal services and pro bono program, and it also provides policy advocacy to change systemic practices that hurt children and families.  It helps attorneys throughout the United States win cases of national importance from representation in administrative proceedings to cases in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Numerous firm lawyers have played an active role with the Family Defense Center.  Along with Louis, Partner Michael T. Brody serves on the board.  Associate Precious S. Jacobs is active in its Young Professionals Network.  Partner Norman M. Hirsch has been an active supporter.  Lawyers at Jenner & Block have handled administrative review hearings, circuit court cases, federal civil rights actions, state court injunctive proceedings and a host of individual actions. 

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