September 18, 2013

Jenner & Block Partners Carrie F. Apfel, Julie M. Carpenter and Associate James A. Tucker recently won a nearly $1.2 million judgment on behalf of their pro bono client in a human trafficking case.  The client was brought to the United States by a now-former World Bank employee and was promised $7 an hour and a five-day work week, as well as health insurance, to provide nanny services for the defendant’s family.   But once in the United States, the defendant took and held the client’s and her son’s passports.  The client then worked for more than three years, seven days a week, without pay, without vacation or sick days and without health insurance.  After our client sued, the defendant abruptly left her job at the World Bank and appears to have fled the country.  And after affording her numerous opportunities to participate, the court entered a default judgment and then awarded damages for breach of contract and emotional distress, as well as punitive damages.  With a judgment in hand, the team is working on ways to enforce it.  The team also secured Green Cards for the client and her son.