Jenner & Block

Delegation of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, Chicago, IL

On October 15, 2010, Jenner & Block hosted a delegation of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), a leading research and foreign policy organization under China’s central government.  The delegation included some of the top leadership in CICIR's American Studies/U.S. Policy Group.   Partners Robert L. Byman, Carter H. Klein and Matt D. Basil together with associates Matthew R. Devine, Lee E. Dionne, and Alexander J. May, presented on the U.S. financial crisis, the Lehman Examiner's investigation, and the Dodd-Frank Act.  Partners Harry J. Roper and Aaron A. Barlow, together with associates Duan Fu and Olivia T. Luk, presented on intellectual property issues.  Partner Lawrence S. Schaner presented on international arbitration issues.  The delegation's visit was organized by Partner Howard S. Suskin and Prof. Jacques deLisle of the University of Pennsylvania Law School.