Jenner & Block

“The Case for Using Attorneys as Mediators,” Illinois State Bar Association - Mediation in Illinois: A Lawyer's Guide to the Mediation Process, Chicago, IL

Jenner & Block Partner Joseph G. Bisceglia will speak at an Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) Alternative Dispute Resolution Section program entitled, “Mediation in Illinois: A Lawyer’s Guide to the Mediation Process,” to be held on September 21 at the ISBA regional office in Chicago, Illinois.  Mr. Bisceglia will lead a discussion entitled, “The Case for Using Attorneys as Mediators,” which will provide tips on how to understand the legal aspects of a case, how to evaluate a case and deal with multiple litigants, the importance of position papers and how to draft effective settlement agreements. 

Mr. Bisceglia is an Arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association and is Second Vice President of the ISBA.  He will automatically succeed to ISBA President in 2007.