Jenner & Block

Ethics & Compliance Officer Association - Legacy of Enron

Jenner & Block Partner Andrew Weissmann, the former director of the Enron Task Force for the U.S. Justice Department, will share his thoughts on the ramifications of the Enron-related prosecutions and the recent convictions of Enron executives at a June 13 Ethics Compliance Officer Association (ECOA) webcast. 

As part of the webcast, Mr. Weissmann will comment on:  

  • the government’s increased use of deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs) and monitors to oversee corporate conduct;
  • the advent of compliance as a critical role in organizations; 
  • guidance from the DOJ and the USSC on what companies need to do to assure responsible corporate citizenship; and
  • the enormous growth of federal and state power over corporations. 

Mr. Weissmann will also offer personal insights and reflections on the legacy of the Enron scandal and what it might augur for the ethics and compliance officer. 

Mr. Weissmann was part of the Enron Task Force for over three years and served as its director for 17 months.  As Enron Task Force Director, Mr. Weissmann oversaw the prosecution of more than 30 individuals in connection with the company’s collapse.  He also served as the lead prosecutor in the trial of Arthur Andersen and has successfully implemented DPAs with innovative monitorship provisions against a number of corporations.