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"Fronting Insurance," International Bar Association 2008 Annual Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jenner & Block is a sponsor of the International Bar Association’s “2008 Annual Conference” in Buenos Aires on October 12-17.

Partner Lorelie S. Masters will speak on October 14 at a session of the Dispute Resolution Section titled, “Tort Reform: a Solution to Perceived Defects of the Traditional Tort Regime, or ‘Tort Deform’?” The panel will discuss disadvantages of common law tort claims as well as the most effective way to compensate accident victims for personal injury.

Partner Joseph P. Covington will speak on October 16 at session of the Criminal Law Section on the topic, “Financial Crimes and Regulation.”  The program will address general principles of regulation and financial crime, focusing on financial services and markets regulation. Mr. Covington will discuss regulation versus prosecution of financial crime, market abuse/manipulation and insider dealing, and will present a comparison of the FSA, SEC and other regulators. 

Partner David M. Greenwald will speak on October 15 at a session of the Insurance Section on the topic, "Fronting Insurance."  The program will address the whole range of legal and practical problems commonly encountered by fronting, including so-called 'back-to-back' covers, claims notification, cooperation and control clauses, 'follow fortunes' concepts and 'follow settlements' provisions, and the operation of 'cut through' clauses.  Mr. Greenwald will also act as moderator on October 17 at a session of the Litigation Section on the topic, "Civil Law Perspective on Class Action Proceedings."  The program will address the current and potential future impact of US-style class actions in civil law systems.

The Firm is sponsoring the Conference's welcome reception on October 12, as well as a breakfast event on October 15 at the Four Seasons, with more than 500 signed up to attend from over 55 countries. 

Partners Donald E. Batterson, John H. Mathias, Jr., and Lawrence S. Schaner, who is the Publications and Newsletter Editor of the IBA Arbitration Committee, will attend the conference.

The IBA’s Annual Conference is the largest gathering of the international legal community with over 4,000 lawyers and legal professionals from around the globe in attendance. Featuring 150 working sessions, the conference covers all areas of practice relevant to international legal practitioners.

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