Jenner & Block

"Legal Update," California Copyright Conference, Studio City, CA

Jenner & Block partner Steve Englund spoke at the California Copyright Conference’s 2008 "Legal Update" held on October 14, 2008 in Studio City, California.

Mr. Englund joined a panel of copyright attorneys to discuss recent developments in copyright law. Among other things, the panelists addressed the recent Copyright Royalty Board ruling with respect to mechanical royalty rates; the orphan works bill; the PRO IP legislation; and the proposed performance right in sound recordings.

Mr. Englund is a member of Jenner & Block’s Entertainment and New Media Practice. Mr. Englund's practice focuses primarily on the use of music and other entertainment content in the digital environment and the application of copyright law to new technologies, as well as on more traditional copyright matters. For over 15 years he has helped shape copyright law for the digital environment by representing the U.S. recording industry in the industry negotiations leading to the enactment of such legislation as the Audio Home Recording Act, the Digital Performance Right in Sound Recordings Act, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Small Webcaster Settlement Act and the Copyright Royalty and Distribution Reform Act.