Jenner & Block

“Business Interruption Insurance Claims: Where We Are Now,” 4th Annual Restaurant Legal Summit

On October 15, Jenner & Block Partners Jeremy M. Creelan, Gabriel K. Gillett, and Jan A. Larson will present at the 4th Annual Restaurant Legal Summit, sponsored by the Restaurant Law Center and the National Restaurant Association. In a session titled “Business Interruption Insurance Claims: Where We Are Now,” the team will lead a discussion on the legal landscape of business interruption claims, and what may be ahead for the restaurant and foodservice industry as it continues to grapple with the impact of COVID-19 and government shut-down orders.

As litigators directly involved in major restaurant business-interruption cases in Chicago and New York City, the co-presenters will share insights on key policy provisions and exclusions; answer critical legal questions related to coverage, including whether physical loss or damage is required, a virus exclusion applies, and civil authority coverage is triggered.  They will also speak to the current state of litigation, including decisions to date and developments in pending federal and state cases across the country.

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