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Climate Change, 4th Annual Class action Money & Ethics Conference

On Wednesday, September 23, Jenner & Block Partner Gabrielle Sigel will discuss climate change on a virtual panel discussion, as part of the 4th Annual Class Action Money & Ethics Conference. Ms. Sigel will examine recent court decisions such as County of San Mateo vs. Chevron, Ramirez vs. ExxonMobil Corp., and Juliana vs. United States and the potential role of class action litigation as a response to the consequences of climate change. She will address critical questions regarding the likelihood of climate change lawsuits evolving into class action matters,and if climate change impacts are poorly suited for the courts and best addressed by policy makers. To learn more, please click here.

Ms. Sigel is co-chair of the firm's Climate and Clean Technology Law Practice, and of the firm's Environmental and Workplace Health and Safety Law Practice, of which she is a founding member. Ms. Sigel is a frequent speaker on climate change, workplace health and safety, and hazardous material exposure and remediation issues.