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Firm Hosts US Supreme Court 2018 Term in Review

More than 175 people recently attended the firm’s annual US Supreme Court 2018 Term in Review.  Attendees gathered in the Chicago office to listen and learn from a panel comprising members of the firm’s Appellate and Supreme Court Practice.  Moderating the panel, Practice Chair Ian Heath Gershengorn launched the discussion where the 2017 term ended – the departure of former Justice Kennedy and the impact of his replacement, Justice Kavanaugh, on the Court.  Partners Jessica Ring Amunson, Ishan K. Bhabha, Devi M. Rao and Adam G. Unikowsky shared their insights on stare decisis (standing legal precedent), partisan gerrymandering, administrative law and antitrust law.  The panelists also explored Chief Justice Roberts as an institutionalist, Justice Gorsuch’s view of textualism and the roles of dissents and separate writings in capital proceedings. 

The 2019 Term will present more opportunities to test the bounds of stare decisis when cases challenging the principles behind Roe v. Wade may come to the Court, the panelists observed.  In addition, the Court will determine whether discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation are prohibited by Title VII.