June 21, 2019

On June 20, Partners David Bitkower, Kali Bracey, Jeremy M. Creelan, Katya Jestin, Joseph L. Noga and Michael W. Ross presented a CLE program at a private event hosted by TechGC in San Francisco.  TechGC is an independent, invitation-only, community for general counsels of leading venture-backed startups and VC funds.  The program addressed the increasing government scrutiny of companies’ use of alternative or sensitive data to make key decisions, whether in lending, service location, eligibility, terms of service or otherwise.  The panelists focused on what general counsels should do to anticipate and protect against inquiries by state and federal agencies, including in implementing compliance policies and programs, handling internal and external investigations, and managing crises as they arise.  In addition, the panelists discussed the ethical and legal considerations of the use of such data and explored the relevant statutes.