Jenner & Block

"Letters of Credit: How Beneficiaries Can Enhance Their Chances of Collecting What They Are Owed, 2018 Super Credit Bowl," NACM Connect Credit Conference

On October 18, Jenner & Block Partner Carter H. Klein presented as a panelist at the NACM’s 2018 Super Credit Bowl.  Titled “Letters of Credit:  How Beneficiaries an Enhance Their Chances of Collecting What They are Owed,” the discussion focused on how to get paid using Letters of Credit compared other forms of payment, emphasizing the do’s and don’ts on how for beneficiaries letters of credit should be drafted and drawn upon.

Mr. Klein has extensive experience with Article 5 of the Uniform Commercial Code – Letters of Credit.  He previously served as chair of the ABA’s Letter of Credit Subcommittee and was honored as letter of credit attorney of the year in march in charlotte by the institute of international banking law and practice at their annual letter of credit survey