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“Electoral Redistricting: Present and Future – Litigators Panel,” Harvard Law School

Jenner & Block Partner Jessica Ring Amunson will be a panelist at a program sponsored by Harvard Law School.  She and other panelists will examine landmark cases including Gill v. Whitford, North Carolina v. Covington, Common Cause v. Rucho and Abbott v. Perez   Ms. Amunson served as counsel of record for the plaintiffs in the Covington case and was co-counsel to the plaintiffs in both Whitford and Perez.  The program is part of the Harvard Journal on Legislation’s Fall Symposium and will be held on October 17, 2018, at noon at Harvard. 

Ms. Amunson is chair of the firm’s Election Law and Redistricting Practice.   As chair, she represents clients, including elected officials, in matters involving redistricting, voting rights, and campaign finance in the US Supreme Court, before the Federal Elections Commission and in courts around the country. 

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