June 27, 2018

On June 27, nearly 150 guests attended a discussion on the 2017 US Supreme Court term.  The program was moderated by Jenner & Block Partner Ian Heath Gershengorn, chair of the firm’s Appellate and Supreme Court Practice, and Partner Matthew S. Hellman, a practice co-chair.  They discussed Supreme Court decisions and recent developments on issues including the travel ban, sports betting after Murphy v. NCAA and the impact of Court decisions on businesses.

Partner and practice Co-Chair Jessica Ring Amunson and Partners Adam G. Unikowsky and Devi M. Rao also participated in the program.

For highlights of their views on key cases and issues facing the Court, click on these short videos:

·         2017 Term in Review and 2018 Term PreviewPartner and Practice Chair Ian Heath Gershengorn

·         Anti-discrimination laws and the Masterpiece Cake case – Partner and Practice Co-Chair Matthew S. Hellman

·         Partisan gerrymandering and Gill v. WhitfordPartner and Practice Co-Chair Jessie Ring Amunson

·         E-commerce and state taxes in South Dakota v. Wayfair – Partner Adam G. Unikowsky

·         Digital privacy, cell phones and the 4th Amendment in Carpenter v. United StatesPartner Devi M. Rao

For more information about the firm’s Appellate and Supreme Court Practice, please click here.