September 01, 2016

Jenner and Block Partner Thomas C. Newkirk will speak during the 34th Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime, held at the University of Cambridge from September 4-11, 2016.  The Symposium brings together ministers, legislators, senior officials, diplomats, judges, regulators, law enforcement, intelligence and security officers, financial intermediaries, bankers, professional advisers, compliance and risk officers and scholars from around the world.  The goal of the symposium is to allow those participating in the events to become aware of existing and new threats in the world of economic crime and learn how to best address them.  This year’s overarching objective is to answer the question of who society should blame for crimes against, through or with our financial and economic structures.  On September 6, Mr. Newkirk will participate in a session titled “In An Ideal World Who Should Carry the ‘Can’ for Wrongdoing Within a Business?” 

Mr. Newkirk is co-chair of the firm’s Securities Litigation and Enforcement Practice and a member of the Securities Practice and Japan Practice.  Drawing on his 19 years of experience as a senior official with the SEC before joining Jenner & Block, he represents companies and their leaders in confidential SEC investigations related to such issues as accounting, disclosure, insider trading, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and related litigation. 

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