Jenner & Block

"Patentability Issues in Life Sciences,” US Patent Forum 2015

Jenner & Block Partners Aaron A. Barlow and Timothy J. Barron spoke at Managing Intellectual Property’s US Patent Forum 2015.  Titled “Patentability Concerns in Life Sciences,” their session featured interactive discussion and debate on current issues in patentability in life sciences.  They discussed recent U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Circuit decisions on patentability involving life sciences, the types of life sciences inventions that are eligible for patent protection, the strategies patentees are employing to heighten their chances of receiving patent protection, and invalidity issues these strategies raise.  The program was held on March 18 in Washington, DC.

Mr. Barlow has focused his practice almost exclusively on patent litigation.  He has worked on patent infringement cases involving pharmaceuticals, chemicals, computer software, electronics, biotechnology products and medical devices

Mr. Barron focuses his practice on patent litigation. He has extensive experience in major patent infringement trials and arbitrations involving life sciences, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical devices.