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“Insuring Hollywood: Coverage Under Entertainment and Media Policies,” American Bar Association's Twentieth Annual Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee CLE Seminar, Tucson, AZ

Jenner & Block Partners Patricia A. Bronte, Matthew L. Jacobs, and Lorelie S. Masters spoke at the American Bar Association’s Twentieth Annual Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee CLE Seminar held February 27-March 1 in Tucson, Arizona.

The seminar, attended by many of the nation’s top insurance company and policyholder’s counsel as well as industry leaders, explored diverse topics and current views concerning insurance issues including confronting catastrophes, handling experts and a decade by decade overview of developments after Keene Corp. v. Insurance Co. of North America.

Ms. Masters was a panelist at a plenary session titled, “20 Ways to Lose Your Coverage Fight!  The Top 20 Don’ts in Handling Claims and Litigating Coverage.” The panel discussed the “don’ts” in responding to and handling coverage claims and in litigating coverage issues as well as recent cases that have addressed the legal consequences of the “don’ts” and practical solutions for avoiding them.

Ms. Bronte moderated a breakout session titled, “Oops - Loss of Coverage for Failure of Policy Conditions: Post-Occurrence Conduct That Voids the Insurer’s Obligations.” The session explored topics including ongoing compliance with policy conditions such as, no admission and cooperation clauses after the insurer has acknowledged coverage.  The program also examined how the courts construe these issues.  Ms. Bronte presented a paper titled, “Reviving the Lost Art of Apology,” analyzing recent apology legislation that prevents certain types of apologies from being admitted in evidence as admissions of liability by the apologizer.

Mr. Jacobs spoke at a roundtable luncheon titled, “Insuring Hollywood: Coverage Under Entertainment and Media Policies.” The panelists addressed the range of issues surrounding coverage typically found in entertainment and media policies, including liability, D&O, employment and property coverages, exclusions, unique underwriting issues that can arise, and occurrence versus claims made policies.  They also discussed policy period and how long a movie or an event can be insured as well as whether a movie, an event, a venue and a cast of characters in a movie or event can be considered insured.

Partner John H. Mathias, Jr., founder of the Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee, and Ms. Masters were honored for their roles as former policyholder side chairs of the committee along with other former chairs and leaders at a banquet on February 29.

Associates Megan A. Byrnes and Jennifer A. Hasch also attended the seminar.

Jenner & Block also hosted a dinner for clients, friends of the firm and other selected attendees on February 28 at the event.

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