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"Punitive Damages and Tort Reform," The International Bar Association's 2009 Annual Conference, Madrid, Spain

Jenner & Block is a sponsor of the International Bar Association’s 2009 Annual Conference in Madrid, Spain, from October 4-9.

Managing Partner Susan C. Levy will speak on October 6 at a session sponsored by the Women Lawyers’ Interest Group titled “Women in Law Firm and Company Management.”  Ms. Levy will join a panel of women law firm leaders from Latin America, the United States and Europe that will discuss strategies and guidance for aspiring women law firm leaders and managers. 

Partner David M. Greenwald will participate in a panel discussion on October 5 titled “Punitive and Exemplary Damages, Compensatory Damages, Damages Calculations and Tort Reform:  Common Law and Civil Law Approaches, Advantages and Drawbacks,” that will present a multi-jurisdictional analysis of this controversial issue.

Partner John H. Mathias will speak at a session on October 7 titled, “The Protection Afforded by D&O Insurance,” that will discuss whether D&O insurance provides adequate protection against directors in the “context of the financial storm.”

Partner Lawrence S. Schaner will co-chair a discussion on October 7 titled, “Is Arbitration Failing the Reinsurance Community?”  A debate of the topic is planned, followed by a discussion of possible alternatives to dispute resolution outside of arbitration for reinsurance contracts, “step” or “tier” dispute resolution clauses, and whether mandatory ADR provisions should be included to align reinsurance language with that of other commercial contracts.  Mr. Schaner is the Publication & Newsletter Editor of the IBA’s Arbitration Committee.

The IBA’s Annual Conference is the largest gathering of the international legal community with over 5,000 members from around the world scheduled to be in attendance.  The Conference will have over 150 working sessions over 5 days in all relevant international legal practice areas.

The Firm is a sponsor of the Conference Welcome Party on October 4.  It is also hosting a Breakfast Reception on October 7, at the Hotel Ritz Madrid, with 550 guests registered to attend from 71 countries.

Please see link below for program brochure.