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The Government Contracts Legal Round-Up

Government Contracts Legal Round-Up is a podcast focusing on important developments facing government contractors and grant recipients.  Hosts David Robbins and Marc Van Allen discuss key developments in this ever-changing field in an easy-to-absorb style.  Often joined by colleagues and guests, programs focus on the most relevant executive orders, regulations, proposed and final rules that affect the FAR and relevant agency FAR supplements, decisions from GAO, the boards and courts.

July 29, 2020 The Government Contracts Legal Round-Up | Episode 2

In this episode, Partners David B. Robbins and Marc A. Van Allen examine a recent US Government Accountability Office (GAO) report. They cover topics with potentially far-reaching impacts for government contractors, including small business subcontracting plans and an interim rule on certain Chinese telecommunication companies. The hosts also welcome Special Counsel Noah B. Bleicher to discuss recent decisions exploring the GAO’s bid protest jurisdiction.


PEOPLE: Marc A. Van Allen, Noah B. Bleicher, David B. Robbins