Our Pro Bono Commitment

Our Pro Bono Commitment

August 11, 2022 Pro Bono Motion for Compassionate Release Granted

Jenner & Block client Rodney Lambirth, a federal prisoner suffering from Stage IV prostate cancer with a prognosis of less than a year to live, recently won compassionate release on thanks to pro bono representation by Jenner & Block lawyers.

Mr. Lambirth previously filed two compassionate release motions, which were denied because the court found that he failed to state an extraordinary and compelling circumstance for release and that he posed a public safety risk. The Jenner & Block team argued that the metastasis of his cancer and terminal diagnosis fit squarely within the Sentencing Commission’s guidelines on what constitutes an extraordinary and compelling reason for release. Judge David Counts in the Western District of Texas agreed with the team’s position and ordered Mr. Lambirth’s sentence reduced to time served.

Pro Bono Counsel Nura Maznavi and Pro Bono & Work Equity Lawyer Angelina Smith led the team with supervision from Partner Andrew W. Vail and assistance from Associates Timothy W. Yuhasz, and Deanna E. Krokos.

PEOPLE: Andrew W. Vail, Angelina E. Smith, Timothy W. Yuhasz, Deanna Krokos

July 26, 2022 Cross-Office Teams Help Cameroonian Client Secure Asylum

Jenner & Block won asylum in the United States for a client who was arrested, detained, and tortured in Cameroon.

The client sought our help after being detained by immigration authorities. Working pro bono, a Jenner & Block team in Los Angeles secured his release on bond. Another team took over the case after the client moved to the Washington, DC, area and won his asylum on July 20, 2022.

Jenner & Block Associates Claire M. Lally and Urja R. Mittal represented the client, led by Partner Matthew E. Price. Paralegal Adam H. Weidman assisted.

CATEGORIES: Asylum, Immigration, Pro Bono

PEOPLE: Matthew E. Price, Claire M. Lally, Urja R. Mittal

July 20, 2022 Jenner & Block Named a Pro Bono Leader on The American Lawyer's Scorecard

July 18, 2022 - The American Lawyer ranked Jenner & Block number one for international pro bono work on its 2022 Pro Bono Scorecard. The firm ranked third for pro bono work performed by US-based lawyers. Jenner & Block has placed among the leading 10 pro bono programs nationwide every year since the ranking’s inception in 1990, a testament to the firm’s longstanding and deep commitment to pro bono work.

The annual scorecard ranks the AmLaw 200 law firms by the average number of pro bono hours and the percentage of lawyers who performed more than 20 hours of pro bono work. Lawyers in Jenner & Block’s London office averaged 132.3 pro bono hours in 2021 and 109.5% of the office worked 20 hours or more on pro bono matters.

US-based lawyers completed 152.4 pro bono hours on average in 2021, with 107.5% of lawyers completing more than 20 pro bono hours. Jenner & Block’s commitment to exceeding the 20-hours per-lawyer market standard earned it the number-two spot on the publication’s Breadth of Pro Bono Commitment list.

“Even if we were busy, the suffering doesn’t go away. The needs don’t go away,” said Partner Debbie L. Berman, a co-chair of the firm’s Pro Bono Committee, when discussing the firm’s pro bono commitment with The American Lawyer. “Between COVID and racial injustice and what’s going on in Afghanistan and other places, people just don’t think it’s the right thing to do to cut back on pro bono.”

In January 2021, Jenner & Block launched its five-year pro bono commitment (2021-2025) to provide $250 million in free legal services to those in need of access to justice.

CATEGORIES: American Lawyer, Awards, Awards and Recognition

PEOPLE: Debbie L. Berman

June 22, 2022 Jenner & Block Lawyers Win Asylum for Indigenous Guatemalan

A Jenner & Block team recently won a grant of asylum for pro bono client, Amasias Paau Choc, and his son, Pablo. Mr. Choc faced death threats in Guatemala because of his role in his village’s autonomous governing body.

The team was before Judge Everett in Los Angeles Immigration Court, and the case was heard over the course of several hearings, spanning more than two years. On June 10, the team went back to court to present the testimony of a country conditions expert, when opposing counsel announced that he would not oppose a grant of asylum and Judge Everett entered the order, granting asylum on the spot.

The team began working on the case in late 2019 with their first merits hearing on March 12, 2020—just before stay-at-home orders as a result of the pandemic. The team then had several virtual continued merit hearings before the court in late 2020 and in 2021, and two in-person hearings in 2022.

Partners Kate T. Spelman and Carissa Coze led the team with key support from Associates Kristen Green and Elizabeth Avunjian, and Paralegal Alonso Ponce.


PEOPLE: Kate T. Spelman, Carissa Coze, Kristen Green, Elizabeth Avunjian

June 16, 2022 Jenner & Block Announces Winners of Annual Pro Bono Awards

Jenner & Block awarded its annual Albert E. Jenner Pro Bono Award to Partners David Jimenez -Ekman and Zachary C. Schauf and Associate Illyana Green for their tireless work on behalf of clients in need of access to justice. The firm gave the annual Jenner & Block Award for Excellence in Pro Bono or Public Service to Operations Administrator Marc Patterson.

Mr. Jimenez -Ekman was honored for representing Ken Smith, who was wrongfully imprisoned for a murder and robbery he did not commit. Thanks to Mr. Jimenez-Ekman’s relentless advocacy over many years, Mr. Smith was released from prison last May.

Mr. Schauf was honored for his success in defeating Oklahoma’s efforts to overturn the US Supreme Court’s landmark decision in McGirt v. Oklahoma, which found that much of Oklahoma remains Native American lands.

Ms. Green was honored for securing asylum for a Kosovan man after arguing his case at the Seventh Circuit; she was also honored for representing the American Medical Association and other medical associations as amici in transgender rights cases across the US. 

Mr. Patterson was honored for his vigorous support of the firm’s award-winning pro bono program including screening incoming requests for pro bono legal support and for helping to set up a series of DACA renewal clinics that took place in partnership with the firm’s billable clients.

Jenner & Block has been recognized by The American Lawyer as the top pro bono firm in the United States 10 of the past 14 years. We partner with dedicated legal aid organizations, law school clinics, in-house legal departments, and others committed to providing access to justice and serving the public good. As advocates for equity, we embrace our responsibility to serve those in need, better our communities, and protect our future.

PEOPLE: David Jimenez-Ekman, Zachary C. Schauf, Illyana A. Green

June 15, 2022 Jenner & Block Partner Tassity Johnson Named Rising Star by National Immigrant Justice Center

The National Immigrant Justice Center recognized Partner Tassity S. Johnson among its 2022 Rising Stars. The annual award honors lawyers who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to ensuring access to justice for immigrants. She is one of nine lawyers recognized this year.

Ms. Johnson has represented asylum seekers pro bono through the NIJC for nearly five years, litigating several complex cases before the US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit during that time.

In a case before the Tenth Circuit, Ms. Johnson and Partner Matthew Price represented a political activist, who fled from the Democratic Republic of Congo to escape persecution by state security forces, in seeking asylum in the US. After Ms. Johnson and Mr. Price filed a brief in the Tenth Circuit on the Board of Immigration Appeals’ erroneous conclusion that their client had firmly resettled in Angola, among other errors, the government voluntarily moved to remand. When the Board denied their client’s asylum application for a second time, Ms. Johnson and Mr. Price again represented their client in the Tenth Circuit and obtained another remand, this time from the Court. 

Ms. Johnson, along with Mr. Price and Associate Urja R. Mittal, represented another asylum seeker, who fled Mexico after being kidnapped and violently assaulted for being a transgender woman, before the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Tenth Circuit.  Ms. Johnson, Mr. Price, and Ms. Mittal filed a brief in the Tenth Circuit explaining that the Board, in denying their client asylum, had, among other errors, applied a wrongly heightened standard for whether the Mexican government could protect their client from further assault.  The government again voluntarily moved to remand. Ms. Johnson is currently representing their client before the Board, where their client’s claim is still pending.

Learn more about this recognition here.

CATEGORIES: Asylum, Awards, Awards and Recognition, Immigration, Pro Bono

PEOPLE: Matthew E. Price, Urja R. Mittal

June 10, 2022 2021 Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll Recognizes 70 Jenner & Block Lawyers

The District of Columbia Courts, in partnership with the DC Access to Justice Commission and the DC Bar Pro Bono Center, announced their 2021 Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll honorees. Thirty-nine Jenner & Block lawyers were recognized in this year’s class for contributing 50 hours or more of pro bono service to those who cannot afford legal counsel. Thirty-one lawyers achieved the High Honor distinction for providing 100 hours or more.

“We know that your service is based not only from a commitment to your ethical obligations but also on your principled belief in equal access to justice,” said Chief Judges Anna Blackburne-Rigsby and Anita Josey-Herring in an open letter to all honorees. “We are proud to recognize your dedication by including your name on this year’s Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll.”

Jenner & Block will also be honored by the District of Columbia Circuit Judicial Conference Standing Committee on Pro Bono Legal Services at the 40 at 50 Judicial Pro Bono Recognition Breakfast. The June 22nd event recognizes Washington area law firms that had at least 40% of their lawyers contributing 50 hours or more of pro bono services in 2021.

Below is a complete list of the Jenner & Block lawyers included on the 2021 Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll.

2021 High Honor Roll Honorees

Rachel K. Alpert

Jessica R. Amunson

Ashwini Bharatkumar

Gregory R. Capobianco

Andrew B. Cherry

David W. DeBruin

Rebecca R. Fate

John Flynn

Ian Heath Gershengorn

Rebekah P. Goodheart

Illyana A. Green

Victoria J. Hall-Palerm

Lindsay C. Harrison

Lauren J. Hartz

Tassity S. Johnson

Suedeen G. Kelly

Krystalyn Kinsel

Deanna Krokos

Urja R. Mittal

Coral A. Negron

Ronald J. Pabis

Leonard R. Powell

Zachary C. Schauf

Raymond B. Simmons

Carter Fielden Smith

Allison M. Tjemsland

Kyle N. Tramonte

Adam G. Unikowsky

William R. Weaver

Scott E. Whitman

Kathryn L. Wynbrandt

2021 Honor Roll Honorees

Camillie Landrón

Marc Van Allen

Paul N. Alp

Ishan K. Bhabha

David Bitkower

Noah B. Bleicher

Kali N. Bracey

Moshe Broder

Aaron R. Cooper

Mark Davis

Steven R. Englund

Samuel L. Feder

Madeleine V. Findley

Charles W. Galbraith

Alexander J. Hadjis

Amb. Keith M. Harper

Matthew L. Haws

Matthew S. Hellman

Sam Hirsch

Katherine B. Johnson

Kevin J. Kennedy

Claire M. Lally

Jonathan Alexander Langlinais

Mary E. Marshall

Douglass A. Mitchell

Thomas C. Newkirk

Michelle Onibokun

Luke C. Platzer

Matthew E. Price

Colleen Marie Reddan

David B. Robbins

Brian S. Scarbrough

Roger C. Sherman

Corinne M. Smith

Howard J. Symons

Alex S. Trepp

Lee K. Van Voorhis

Marc L. Warren

Carla J. Weiss


CATEGORIES: Awards, Awards and Recognition

PEOPLE: Jessica Ring Amunson, Steven R. Englund, Marc A. Van Allen, David W. DeBruin, Samuel L. Feder (Sam), Lindsay C. Harrison, Matthew S. Hellman, Thomas C. Newkirk, Brian S. Scarbrough, Luke C. Platzer, Matthew E. Price, Adam G. Unikowsky, John Flynn, Coral A. Negron, Ishan K. Bhabha, Colleen Marie Reddan, Zachary C. Schauf, Alex S. Trepp, Jonathan A. Langlinais (Alex), Matthew L. Haws, Carla J. Weiss, Rebekah P. Goodheart, Lee K. Van Voorhis, Kali Bracey, Marc L. Warren, David Bitkower, Paul Alp, Howard J. Symons, Suedeen G. Kelly, Katie B. Johnson, Sam Hirsch, Roger C. Sherman, Ian Heath Gershengorn, Lauren J. Hartz, Kathryn L. Wynbrandt, Andrew B. Cherry, Noah B. Bleicher, Allison M. Tjemsland, Claire M. Lally, Gregory R. Capobianco, Douglass A. Mitchell, Camillie Landrón, Charles W. Galbraith, Amb. Keith M. Harper, Krystalyn Kinsel, William R. Weaver (Will), Aaron R. Cooper, Kyle N. Tramonte, Victoria Hall-Palerm, Illyana A. Green, Urja R. Mittal, Rachel K. Alpert, Alexander J. Hadjis, Madeleine V. Findley, Mark Davis, Moshe Broder, Ashwini Bharatkumar, Scott E. Whitman, Michelle Onibokun, Kevin J. Kennedy, Mary E. Marshall, Carter Fielden Smith, Raymond B. Simmons, Deanna Krokos

June 3, 2022 Lawsuit Challenges Unconstitutional Law Limiting Abortion Services

Working in partnership with abortion service providers and civil liberties groups, a Jenner & Block team filed a lawsuit in Florida to block the implementation of a new state law that would ban abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy and could put doctors in jail for providing essential care beyond that point.


The lawsuit argues that the law, which is set to take effect on July 1, 2022, would limit an individual’s right to access abortion services in violation of the Florida state constitution.  It seeks an emergency injunction against the law taking effect.


The Jenner & Block team is led by Partner April Otterberg along with Partners Shoba Pillay and Tassity Johnson and includes Associates Reanne Zheng, Sara M. Crook, Meg Hlousek, Annie K. Schoenfeldt, Emily A. Merrifield, and Savannah E. Berger, and Paralegal Fallon McDowell. Associates Sara M. Stappert, Casey Jedele, and Karolina L. Bartosik provided additional assistance.


Read the ACLU press release here: Florida Health Centers Challenge 15-Week Abortion Ban in State Court | American Civil Liberties Union (aclu.org)

CATEGORIES: ACLU, Litigation, Pro Bono

PEOPLE: April A. Otterberg, Reanne Zheng, Sara M. Stappert, Sara M Crook, Margaret M. Hlousek "Meg", Emily A. Merrifield, Shoba Pillay, Karolina L. Bartosik, Casey L.M. Jedele, Annie K. Schoenfeldt, Savannah E. Berger

June 1, 2022 Northern District of Illinois Honors Partner David Jimenez-Ekman for Efforts to Free Wrongfully Imprisoned Client

The US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois recognized Jenner & Block Partner David Jimenez-Ekman with its Annual Excellence in Pro Bono and Public Interest Service Award at a ceremony on June 1, 2022. Mr. Jimenez-Ekman was celebrated for his relentless advocacy for Ken Smith, who was imprisoned in 2001 for a murder and robbery he did not commit. Mr. Jimenez-Ekman started work on Mr. Smith’s case in 2006 and, with the support of various Jenner & Block lawyers over the years, was ultimately successful. In April 2021, the Seventh Circuit held that the evidence was constitutionally insufficient to sustain Mr. Smith’s conviction and Mr. Smith was freed from the Lawrence Correctional Center on May 6 of last year, ending what Mr. Jimenez-Ekman called an “almost two-decade nightmare.” 

CATEGORIES: Awards, criminal defense, Pro Bono Award

PEOPLE: David Jimenez-Ekman

May 25, 2022 Amicus Brief Urges Ohio Supreme Court to Hear Appeal in High-Profile Case about First Amendment Protections

Jenner & Block filed an amicus brief on behalf of the NAACP and the Ohio State Chapter of the NAACP urging the Ohio Supreme Court to hear Oberlin College’s appeal in Gibson Bros, Inc., et al., v. Oberlin.

Oberlin is seeking to reverse a lower court decision finding the college liable for more than $30 million in damages for allegedly facilitating the distribution of defamatory statements during student protests against a local bakery.

Oberlin students were protesting Gibson’s bakery after a 2016 incident involving an altercation between three Black Oberlin students and an employee of the bakery. The three students were arrested, but not the employee. Oberlin students organized a boycott of Gibson’s bakery to protest, among other things, the use of force against a Black student, the law enforcement response, and other accounts of racial profiling and discrimination involving the bakery. Student activists created fliers expressing outrage over the “assault” and the bakery’s “long account of racial profiling,” and the Student Senate passed a resolution expressing similar sentiments.

Gibson’s sued Oberlin, asserting that the college and its personnel facilitated the distribution of defamatory statements during the protests. The trial court found that, although the students’ chants were constitutionally protected, Oberlin could be liable for supporting the distribution of the allegedly defamatory statements in the flier.

Oberlin has petitioned the Ohio Supreme Court to reverse this ruling and find that those statements fall within the free speech and association protections guaranteed by the First Amendment and the Ohio Constitution.

Jenner & Block’s brief supports Oberlin’s appeal, based on the important constitutional protections that are threatened by the lower court decisions. The brief outlines the historical development of First Amendment principles protecting free speech and political expression, driven by the crucial role that boycott and protest played during the civil rights movement. This history also demonstrates the importance of student organizing, in particular in opposing discriminatory practices or actions taken by private businesses. The brief also notes that civil tort liability has historically been wielded as a weapon by opponents of civil rights to stifle and suppress essential political organizing and alerts the court to the grave implications of this decision. 

Partner Jessica Ring Amunson led the team, joined by Partner Ishan K. Bhabha, Associate Deanna Krokos, Senior Paralegal Cheryl Olson, and Manager of Docketing Services Tyler Edwards. 

CATEGORIES: Amicus Brief, Appellate, NAACP

PEOPLE: Jessica Ring Amunson, Ishan K. Bhabha, Deanna Krokos

May 19, 2022 Jenner & Block Pro Bono Team Honored by Housing Forward

A team led by Jenner & Block Partner Michelle M. McAtee will receive Housing Forward’s Corporate Partner Award at its 24th Annual Have a Heart Gala for their longstanding pro bono support of the organization. Housing Forward serves the needs of those in a housing crisis in Cook County, Illinois, helping them out of homelessness and into housing stability.

Our lawyers handle Housing Forward’s real estate, tax, corporate and other legal needs as they arise, thereby expanding the range of services offered by Housing Forward.

The gala will take place on May 21. Learn more here.


CATEGORIES: Awards and Recognition

PEOPLE: Michelle M. McAtee

May 12, 2022 Jenner & Block and Cboe Help Eight People Secure DACA Renewals

Starting in February, lawyers from Jenner & Block and our client Cboe worked together to host a series of clinics aimed at helping individuals renew their status under the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Within two months of the clinics, eight people received their renewals from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The Jenner & Block lawyers who participated in the clinics include Partners Gregory M. Boyle, Reid J. Schar, Coral A. Negron, Rachel K. Alpert, Michelle M. McAtee, Peter H. Rosenbaum, and Sheila C. Kailus, and Associates Molly J. Piazzi, JX Quek, and Emily A. Merrifield.

CATEGORIES: DACA, Immigration, Pro Bono

PEOPLE: Gregory M. Boyle, Michelle M. McAtee, Peter H. Rosenbaum, Coral A. Negron, Reid J. Schar, Jing Xun Quek, Molly J. Piazzi, Sheila C. Kailus, Emily A. Merrifield, Rachel K. Alpert

April 27, 2022 Children in Custody at South Carolina Juvenile Justice Centers Held in Nightmarish Conditions, New Lawsuit Alleges

A lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the District of South Carolina alleges horrific living conditions for the more than 250 children detained by the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice, the agency tasked by law with providing South Carolina’s detained children with care and rehabilitation rather than punishment.

Children held in DJJ facilities are routinely subjected to violence, months-long isolation in solitary confinement, and a lack of meaningful educational or mental health services, according to the lawsuit, which was brought on behalf of the South Carolina State Conference of the NAACP, Disability Rights South Carolina, and Justice 360.

“These children are in danger every day and every night, and DJJ has consistently failed to contain the violence,” said Lindsey Vann, Executive Director of Justice 360. “These are systemic problems that need appropriate resources, authority, and support to enact real change.” 

According to the lawsuit, there is sewage water in the cells, feces on the walls, and cockroaches in the food of the facilities. The lawsuit alleges that youth-on-youth violence is rampant, with staff often turning a blind eye or even instigating assaults on children. The lawsuit further alleges that DJJ has resorted to 23-hour-a-day solitary confinement as a default management tool to house sick kids, “protect” children from violence, or address even the most minor of infractions. 

“South Carolina exposes the children in its juvenile justice system—most of whom are Black—to barbaric conditions,” said Brenda Murphy, President of the NAACP South Carolina State Conference of Branches. “Children in custody suffer from constant violence, are isolated for weeks and months, and are denied the basic rehabilitative services they need and are entitled to. Our most vulnerable children must receive support, not punishment.” 

Despite claims that it operates its own accredited school district, helps youth pursue workforce development opportunities, and provides rehabilitative services, most children receive no educational services, according to the lawsuit. The lack of educational resources at DJJ facilities is especially damaging for the children who suffer from learning impairments or physical disabilities, as no special education services are provided, the lawsuit says. One child, who struggles with verbal communication, reported receiving only a single day of education over a period of nine months.

“DJJ holds some of our State’s most traumatized and vulnerable children,” said Allen Chaney, Legal Director for the ACLU of South Carolina. “If conditions don’t immediately and dramatically improve, then the only adequate remedy will be to release children from these horrific conditions.”

The DJJ has a well-documented track record — dating back to the 1960s — of violating the constitutional and statutory rights of the children in its care. Even with decades’ worth of findings and interventions, DJJ has failed to make substantial progress in implementing lasting solutions, the lawsuit says. 

“DJJ has been aware of the ongoing violence and unconstitutional conditions at their facilities for years, and yet they still fail to protect the children entrusted to their care,” said Jenner & Block Partner Previn Warren. “Our hope is to create lasting and meaningful reform right away to end the trauma these children are experiencing.”

The lawsuit, filed jointly with the ACLU of South Carolina, the NAACP, and the law firms Wyche and Jenner & Block, asks the court to declare that the department is violating the constitutional rights of South Carolina children and seeks judicial intervention to facilitate immediate remedies such as clean water, dry beds, healthy food, safety from violence, freedom from unconstitutional uses of solitary confinement, meaningful access to education and mental health resources, and accommodations for children with disabilities.

Mr. Warren and Partner Jeremy M. Creelan led this effort and received support from Associates William R. Weaver, Mary E. Marshall, Jessica J. Sawadogo, Jacob D. Alderdice, Jeremy H. Ershow, and Amit B. Patel, and Paralegal Adam H. Weidman

CATEGORIES: children, Litigation, Pro Bono

PEOPLE: Jeremy M. Creelan, Jacob D. Alderdice, Jeremy H. Ershow, Amit B. Patel, William R. Weaver (Will), Mary E. Marshall, Jessica J.W. Sawadogo

April 20, 2022 Partner Andrew Vail Featured in United Way Article Celebrating Volunteering

Jenner & Block Partner Andrew W. Vail, who is the first general counsel of the United Way of Metro Chicago, discusses the importance of volunteering in a United Way article titled “Volunteering: A Labor of the Soul.” The article describes Mr. Vail as a “fierce advocate” for public service and sharing his skills in law. It notes that he is the immediate past chair of the firm’s pro bono program who spearheaded our five-year $250 million commitment to pro bono service. “The need in our community is so great, and volunteering can mean so much, including to those who engage. There is no time better than now to volunteer,” Mr. Vail says.


PEOPLE: Andrew W. Vail

March 24, 2022 Defending Transgender Youth Rights with Lambda Legal and the ACLU

Jenner & Block filed an amicus brief in Travis County, Texas in Doe v. Abbott on behalf of Professor Ron Beal, a Texas administrative law expert, in support of the plaintiffs’ application for a temporary injunction and as part of our pro bono work with Lambda Legal and the ACLU to defend transgender youth rights.

In the brief, the plaintiffs challenged the decision of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to follow the directive of Governor Abbott to investigate gender-affirming care for transgender minors as “child abuse” under the Texas Family Code pursuant to a non-binding opinion issued by Attorney General Paxton.

Professor Beal argued that the DFPS decision to enforce the Attorney General’s novel interpretation of the Texas Family Code in conducting abuse and neglect investigations exceeded the agency’s statutory authority. The Texas Legislature previously considered and declined to amend the definition of “child abuse” under the Family Code to include medical procedures identified in the Attorney General’s opinion, and neither DFPS nor its commissioner had the authority to expand the definition of “child abuse” under Texas law. The brief also explained that, even if DFPS and its commissioner had the authority to enforce an expanded definition of “child abuse,” that the action constituted an interpretive rule, which failed to comply with the mandatory notice, comment, and justification procedures under the Texas Administrative Procedures Act.

Special Counsel Benjamin T. Halbig and Associate Reanne Zheng took the lead in authoring the brief, supervised by Partner Clifford W. Berlow. Partners Adam G. Unikowsky, Mark Davis, and Laurie Edelstein; Associates Steven Tinetti and Chasel Lee; Pro Bono Counsel Nura Maznavi; and Junior Paralegal Grace Liberman assisted.

CATEGORIES: Amicus Brief

PEOPLE: Adam G. Unikowsky, Benjamin T. Halbig (Ben), Clifford W. Berlow, Reanne Zheng, Steven Tinetti, Mark Davis, Laurie Edelstein, Chasel Lee

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