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September 12, 2017 Fall 2017 Edition of the Nordic Newsletter

In this edition:

Welcome to Jenner & Block's Nordic Newsletter

Cyber and Kidnap/Ransom Insurance Should Respond to Massive “WannaCry” and Similar Global Ransomware Attacks in More than 100 Countries

An article that focuses on the increased use of Cyber and Kidnap/Ransom Insurance in light of the increased threat of cyber-attacks and ransomware

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

Updates and analyses regarding significant FCPA and anti­corruption developments that will shape enforcement and compliance efforts in 2017 and 2018

DOJ Signals More Fairness in Multinational Investigations

An article focusing on recent trends in the US Department of Justice’s approach to multinational investigations

The Growing Danger to Privilege in Investigations

An article describing the growing danger to attorney-client privilege in investigations. 

CATEGORIES: 2017, cyber insurance, FCPA, J Manes, multinational investigations, ransomware, U Doron

March 14, 2017 5th Edition of the Nordic Newsletter

In this edition:

Welcome to Jenner & Block's Nordic Newsletter

Transactional Practice Tip

Managing CFIUS Risks and Other Strategic Considerations in Certain Transactions Involving US Businesses

2017 Business Guide to Anti-Corruption

Overview of 2017 FCPA Developments 

Even Clean Nordics Have Continuing Enforcement Risk

A discussion of continuing corruption enforcement risks for Nordic-based companies, even though there is a perception of “cleanliness” throughout the region

Rolls-Royce – Finally Some Bragging Rights for UK’s Serious Fraud Office?

An article addressing the lessons learned from Rolls-Royce’s recent settlement and deferred prosecution agreement with the UK Serious Fraud Office

DOJ Releases Under-the-Radar Paper on “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs”

An overview of the US Department of Justice’s recently released “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs,” which sheds light on how the DOJ’s new compliance expert will differentiate between effective compliance programs and those that are superficially pretty

Trade Secret Update

A link to Jenner & Block’s inaugural “Trade Secret Update,” which focuses on recent court decisions that have been shaping trade secret law in the United States

CATEGORIES: 2017, corporate compliance, enforcement, FCPA, J Manes, Serious Fraud Office, trade secret update, Transactional Practice Tips, U Doron

October 1, 2015 3rd Edition of the Nordic Newsletter

In this edition:

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

2015 Mid-Year Edition of Jenner & Block’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Business Guide

Transactional Practice Tips

Determining Ownership of Shares in U.S. Privately Held Corporations

Dispute Resolution

Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act Goes into Effect

Merger Agreements and Earn-Out Provisions

Delaware Supreme Court Upholds Literal Interpretation of Earn-Out Provision

Intellectual Property

Supreme Court Holds Good-Faith Belief of Patent Invalidity is No Defense to Induced Infringement; Muses on Patent Trolls


CATEGORIES: 2015, Dispute Resolution, FCPA, Intellectual Property, J Manes, Merger Agreements and Earn-Out Provisions, Transactional Practice Tips, U Doron

April 15, 2015 2nd Edition of the Nordic Newsletter

In this edition:

Transactional Practice Tips

Considerations for Drafting Purchase Price Adjustment Provisions

Technology and Social Media

Who Owns Your Facebook Account and Password? #unclear

Environmental and Climate Change

Proposed Nanoscale Chemical Reporting Rule

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

SEC Penalties Even Though Bribe Not Paid

CATEGORIES: 2015, Environmental and Climate Change, FCPA, J Manes, Technology and Social Media, Transactional Practice Tips, U Doron

January 14, 2015 1st Edition of the Nordic Newsletter

In this editon:

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Overview of 2014 FCPA Developments

Antitrust and Competition Law

Seventh Circuit Bars Recovery Based on Foreign Subsidiaries’ Purchases Abroad in LCD Antitrust Litigation

Transactional Practice Tips

Considerations for Preparing Disclosure Schedules in U.S.-Style Transactions

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CATEGORIES: 2015, Antitrust and Competition Law, FCPA, J Manes, Transactional Practice Tips, U Doron