July 16, 2014 Albert Jenner Serves as Counsel to Minority on Committee Investigating Whether to Impeach Nixon

“The law comes first with him” is how an associate described Albert Jenner in a New York Times profile.  The Times’ “Man in the News” feature appeared in January 1974, when Bert was selected to serve as counsel to the Republican minority on the House Judiciary Committee investigating whether to impeach President Nixon over Watergate.  Seven months later, Bert had lost favor with the Republicans due to what they considered his “pro-impeachment” stance.  On this day in 1974, they voted to “sidetrack” him, replacing him with Sam Garrison.  An analysis of the move in The Washington Post explained that “backroom strategists” had waited for the “best time” to oust Bert – and that time came after he was quoted in a Texas newspaper calling for Nixon’s impeachment.  According to the Post, the Texas newspaper clipping was posted on the wall of the Republican cloakroom and Illinois Rep. Robert McClory “took the lead in lining up the votes to shove Jenner aside.”  The Post’s analysis also observed that Nixon’s strategy had been “to obstruct impeachment and, after it could no longer be delayed, to portray it as a Democratic vendetta against him. Now, with Garrison stepping forth and leading the political revival, the President’s supporters are trying to whip up partisan feelings and make a vote against impeachment a Republican loyalty test.” As it turned out, Nixon resigned 24 days later, just as Bert had previously recommended.

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