March 18, 2022

On March 18, Co-Managing Partner Katya Jestin was honored with The American Lawyer’s Litigator of the Week for her pro bono representation of Guantánamo detainee Majid Khan. The recognition reflects the latest milestone in more than a decade of representing Mr. Khan: On March 11, the Convening Authority for Military Commissions ordered that his sentence ended on March 1, 2022. Ms. Jestin shared the honor with Wells Dixon, senior staff attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights, which partnered with Jenner & Block on the case.

In an interview, Ms. Jestin discussed the significance of the case, in which Mr. Khan pled guilty in February 2012 and the government agreed to delay his sentencing so he could cooperate with US authorities.

“His cooperation has meant providing fulsome information concerning numerous individuals, including 9/11 defendants and those involved in the Marriot Hotel bombing,” Ms. Jestin explained. “And now, because of this agreement and his adherence to it, his sentence has been served and he must be transferred out of Gitmo. That will be a historic day. That will be justice served.”