February 07, 2022

Law360 named Jenner & Block among its Media and Entertainment Practice Groups of the Year for several significant matters in 2021, the eighth year the firm has been so honored. Partners Andrew H. Bart, Alison I. Stein, and David R. Singer, who co-chair the firm’s Content, Media, and Entertainment Practice, discuss the 2021 victories in this profile.

In one of the notable victories in 2021, Jenner & Block prevailed for client ViacomCBS a trademark dispute over the name of the MTV reality show MTV Floribama Shore.

In a ruling on September 22, 2021, a federal judge dismissed the case, writing that ViacomCBS’s First Amendment right to title its expressive work outweighed the plaintiffs’ rights under the Lanham Act.

“The court’s ruling really solidifies the strong protections of the First Amendment in titles of creative works,” Ms.Stein said.

Law360’s profile also highlights other victories from 2021, including those for clients Nintendo and Chance the Rapper.

The practice is distinguished by its expertise in a wide range of areas, including music, television, movies, video games, newspapers and tech, Mr. Singer told Law360. “Another thing that sets us apart from our competitors is our love of these industries in which we practice and our knowledge of the business. Studios and record labels really like working with us because we understand the business environment in which they operate.”

Mr. Bart noted that many firms only have one or two lawyers who are recognized in the industry, while Jenner & Block has eight to 10 well-known lawyers in the field.

“I don't think that there's a firm out there that has the breadth of experience among the partnership that we do,” he said.