May 03, 2021

In its inaugural “Northeast Trailblazers” award, The American Lawyer shines a spotlight on lawyers who are truly “agents of change.”

Mr. Pressman’s profile notes that he manages legal crises for clients facing existential threats. Reflecting on his service as an ambassador representingthe United States on the United Nations Security Council, Mr. Pressman recallsthat“I spent years as the representative of the United States locked in a room negotiating some of the thorniest international issues with the Russians and Chinese amongst others. This perspective, coupled with a very uncertain geopolitical moment, has rooted my commercial practice in tackling big, multifaceted problems for those victimized by powerful adversaries.”

Ms. Smallsprofile describes her past successes, such as representing a class of over 90,000 au pairs in one of the largest FLSA class actions on record that literally changed the industry. “I have sought roles in government, politics, and philanthropy because of the power of each to advance change and make impact. That is the overarching principle that I’ve brought to my practice and the cases I’ve led,” she says.

Mr. Wolosky’s profile also highlights his high-stakes work, for example serving as a monitor of a tier-one financial institution. A former ambassador who served under three US presidents in national security positions, Mr. Wolosky says that “most of my practice now involves government in some respect, particularly the foreign policy or national security parts of government. I frequently represent clients that either are governments or have big problems with governments.”