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The National Law Journal Recognizes Partners Emily Loeb and Thomas Perrelli as “Government Relations Trailblazers”

In its profile of Partner Emily M. Loeb, the publication highlights the six years she spent in the Obama administration working for the DOJ Civil Rights Division and White House Counsel’s Office.  The profile notes that, in her private practice, Emily helped co-found Protect Democracy, a nonpartisan nonprofit that is “focused on preventing our democracy from sliding into a more authoritarian form of government.”  Looking to the future, Emily observes that “small ‘p’ politics is not confined to those in politics anymore.  With social media, a full-blown corporate crisis can break out quickly and turn the tide for companies’ brands and bottom lines.”

In its profile of Partner Thomas J. Perrelli, the publication notes that he served during two different periods with the US Department of Justice, working on “complicated matters with legislation, litigation, regulatory and media components.”  Among those matters were negotiating the Cobell settlement and black farmers settlement; the National Mortgage Settlement; and US response with BP after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  Looking ahead, Tom observes that when companies are in crisis, attacks come from multiple agencies.  “The modern crisis is a multifront battle that will accelerate,” he says.