April 10, 2017

Three Jenner & Block Content, Media & Entertainment partners—Andrew H. Bart, Benjamin R. Mulcahy and Gina Reif Ilardi—are recognized in Variety’s 2017 Legal Impact Report. The report is a listing of top entertainment lawyers whose work had significant impact on the industry over the past year. 

These three partners reflect Jenner & Block’s coast-to-coast presence in the media and entertainment space, as well the firm’s wide-ranging litigation and transactional capabilities.

In its profile of Mr. Bart, the publication highlights his work in securing a decision from the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit for EMI in a long-running copyright dispute with a now-bankrupt music downloading website. The opinion, which upheld the firm’s earlier trial victory that included $48 million in damages, sets a precedent limiting safe-harbor protection for websites that turn a blind eye to users who repeatedly post infringing material.

The article quotes Mr. Bart, who said that the Second Circuit ruling “sets up a re-trial to determine whether or not the defendants are entitled to ‘safe harbor’ at all, and therefore potentially opens the door for a larger damage award.”

Variety’s profile of Mr. Mulcahy and Ms. Reif Ilardi features their work on endorsement deals between major brands and high-profile social media personalities. These agreements feature novel issues and sticking points that vary greatly from traditional celebrity endorsement deals, but also provide brands with spokespeople who are seen as more authentic and whose platforms offer more precise consumer targeting.

The profile notes that Mr. Mulcahy and Ms. Reif Ilardi represent, among other clients, Broad Green Pictures, Lionsgate, Paramount, STX Entertainment, Edelman, ESPN, Fiat Chrysler Automotive, MillerCoors, REI, Fox Sports, IPSY and Twitch Interactive.