One of Jenner & Block’s core values is to create an unrivaled environment for superior talent. This means ensuring that all of our people feel respected, included and able to fully contribute. It also means providing them with the support they need to do their jobs and develop into the best lawyers they can be. This environment is supported by our policies and programs, but only comes to life through the intentions and actions of our people.

Diversity and Inclusion
A diverse workforce and an inclusive environment are essential to providing the best possible legal services for our clients. We focus on hiring the most talented attorneys from a pool of candidates diverse in race, culture, gender, sexual orientation and viewpoint. We also work to create an inclusive environment where everyone has opportunities and feels respected and able to fully contribute. The result is broader perspectives, better ideas and more creative solutions for our clients, as well as a supportive and collegial working environment for our people.

Jenner & Block’s commitment to diversity dates back to our founding in 1914, and we have a variety of policies and support structures in place to promote and maintain the diversity of our legal and non-legal personnel. We also ask every individual at the firm to take personal responsibility for promoting diversity and an inclusive environment. Read more about our diversity and inclusion efforts.

Our Culture
Jenner & Block’s culture reflects a unique combination of elements. We strike hard but fair blows for clients. Our attorneys combine rigorous analytical skills with creativity, judgment and practical experience to get the best possible outcomes in legal matters. Our pro bono advocacy and public service work, as well as our alternate fee structures, show that we focus far beyond the bottom line. Our people are independent and entrepreneurial, yet our atmosphere is very collegial and focused on teamwork. Our attorneys at all levels take the time both to learn for themselves and to mentor and teach others, viewing these as essential activities of our day-to-day work.

When you join Jenner & Block, you are expected to take the initiative to build your skills, pursue your interests and create the career you want. In turn, the firm provides programs, policies and other support structures designed to help you balance your work and life, explore where your skills and interests can take you, and ultimately, become the best lawyer you can be.

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More than 150 lawyers and summer associates from all offices attend our annual Diversity Dinner.