Training & Development

No matter what your level or practice group, Jenner & Block provides extensive in-house and external training programs and resources designed to help you learn the skills you need to succeed.

In-House Programs
In-house training is conducted by partners, associates and consultants. The sessions cover a wide range of topics and expose you to some of our most senior and successful lawyers.

Junior associates participate in our core competency training programs. These programs include lectures, demonstrations and hands-on training opportunities. For example, a favorite of our associates is the NITA deposition program we hold each year. It has a basic and advanced track, both of which get you on your feet, examining witnesses. We hire real actors to play the roles of witnesses, allowing you to simulate the deposition experience effectively.

We also hold a NITA motion practice program for junior and mid-level associates. At the motion practice program, you argue motions and practice your oral presentation skills. Extensive feedback is provided by our experienced faculty. Associates rate these programs highly and return year after year. Our transactional lawyers also participate in mock negotiation sessions designed to teach them to negotiate effectively and manage client expectations.

Associates in the litigation department attend programs designed to prepare them for anything from interviewing witnesses and drafting a complaint through discovery, dispositive motions and trial practice. Our transactional lawyers learn about the due diligence process, the securities laws and how to run an M&A deal.

Our legal writing programs include classes on memo writing, contract drafting, appellate brief writing and more. Individual coaching is also available. Our research classes include extensive instruction on a wide range of resources available to associates in transactional departments and the litigation department. We teach time management, communication skills, public speaking and accounting for lawyers. We also devote significant time to teaching and emphasizing client service skills.

Mid-level and senior associates learn business development and networking skills and how to manage, delegate and provide feedback. These skills are essential for associates as they progress toward partnership.

External Programs
In addition to our extensive in-house training programs, the firm offers a wide range of external CLE options including live, web-based and videotaped programs. For example, because the firm is a “preferred plus” member of the Practising Law Institute, which means that all of our attorneys can attend the Institute’s courses (and web casts) for free, as well as take advantage of special discounts on course handbooks, audio/video products and treatises. The firm is also a subscriber to West LegalEdcenter, which gives attorneys access to more than 8,500 continuing legal education programs. One of the benefits of this subscription includes unlimited access to CLE programs from any location with an internet connection. Associates regularly attend and access external CLE programs designed to help them acquire the practice skills and substantive expertise needed for specific practice groups and departments.

Talent Development Squares

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